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Restless Leg Syndrome Disrupts Your Rest, These Causes and How to Overcome It

Feet to shake without knowing because you feel itchy or electrocuted? Or feels something that moves under the skin around the legs and calves while sleeping at night? These signs may be symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Restless legs syndrome (RLS) or Willis-Ekbom's disease is a neurological disease characterized by an unpleasant sensation that causes a strong urge to move and stomp the foot. The sensation can be in the form of itching, tingling, shock, tingling, pain, cramps, or as if an insect is crawling under the skin. RLS usually occurs when the sufferer is at rest, especially at night, so that it can disrupt sleep time and quality. Factors Causing Restless Leg Syndrome Restless legs syndrome can be experienced by adults, children, to the elderly. The cause itself is not yet known with certainty, but is thought to be related to genetic factors. Meanwhile, there are other factors that can make restless legs syndrome appear or become more severe, namely: 1. Pregnancy R
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The Dangers of Drinking Swimming Pool Water for Health

There are various dangers of drinking swimming pool water for health. Bacteria, viruses, and chemicals that blend in pool water can cause health problems, such as eye and skin irritation, diarrhea, even asthma. When swimming, some of you may have accidentally swallowed pool water. In fact, there are also those who have urinated in the pool. According to research, both of these can endanger health. Dangers of urinating in swimming pools Swimming pool water generally contains chlorine or chlorine which functions to disinfect germs in water, while also purifying pool water. Well, it will be dangerous if chlorine is mixed with urine. According to one study, a combination of urine and chlorine in swimming pools will form cyanogen chloride (CNCI) and trichloramine (NCI3) chemicals. Exposure to these two toxic substances can cause respiratory illnesses, and one of the most common is asthma. Exposure to CNCI can interfere with the body's ability to use oxygen, damage the respirator

Do not Use, the Benefits of Facial Serum Different

The benefits of facial serum are very diverse, from moisturizing the skin to helping to overcome wrinkles. The ingredients contained in the serum determine the benefits that you will get. Therefore, it is important for you to be careful in choosing and using it. Facial serum is a skin care product that is rich in certain nutrients or active ingredients. With its mild nature and easy to absorb, facial serum is one of the most popular treatment products. Although it has a series of advantages over other treatment products, the possibility of facial serum irritation persists, especially if you do not match the active ingredients in the serum. So you do not choose the wrong, see information about the ingredients, benefits and how to use facial serum below. What are the Benefits of Facial Serum? The active ingredients contained in the serum determine its benefits. You must be careful in choosing. Different skin problems, different types of serum you should use. The following explanat